Michael Schwalbe was Eternal's voiceover casting director, project manager and session director for first two sets and campaigns, through The Tale of Horus Traver. He cast approximately 25 actors for over 370 roles,[1] and voiced around 60 cards himself, including prominent characters like Kaleb and Azindel.[2]

Cards Edit

Note: This incomplete list was sourced from Eternal's IMDb page.[3]

Controversy Edit

After The Tale of Horus Traver, DWD opted to work with a larger studio instead of Schwable. In a Reddit AMA for his voice work on another game, Schwable recalled his frustration with how Dire Wolf ended their working relationship, and his anger that they re-hired some of the actors had previously found through the new studio (feeling he was being cut out of a commission).[2]

DWD commented on the situation, stating that they hadn't been satisfied and decided to change contractors, and chose to re-record some voiceovers where they felt the quality should be improved. Regarding the re-hired actors, they said: "For some major characters, we continued using a few of the previously-contracted individual artists for continuity reasons, but none of that was subject to commission owed to anybody else."[4]

Notes Edit

Schwalbe chose to act Champion of Fury's "Yeti gibberish" voiceover script as written:

My script said "Yeti gibberish with Skycrag in it, like "Barglesh Skycrag mimblenumble." So I said "Barglesh Skycrag mimblenumble." :)


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