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Once each turn, when you play an attachment and a spell, get the Muster bonus.

Muster is a trigger keyword that appears on units and weapons. It was first introduced in The Flame of Xulta.

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Spells include Spells and Fast Spells.

Attachments include Curses, Weapons, Relics, Relic Weapons, and Cursed Relics.

If you are able to play an attachment and spell on the enemy turn, you can get the Muster bonus during your opponent's turn.

Muster is limited to triggering once each turn, but you can trigger it across multiple turns. [1]


Units with Muster synergize well with Spellcraft cards, as well as spells that play attachments, such as Sodi's Choice and Cruelty. These allow you to trigger Muster abilities with a single card.


The Muster keyword was first revealed in Dire Wolf Digital's mechanic announcement article. [1]


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