Nightfall: The first Nightfall card played in a turn makes it Night and extends it by a turn for each player.

Night: When you start a turn at Night, draw an additional card and take 1 damage.

Nightfall and Night are keywords introduced in The Dusk Road.

Nightfall was first explained in a mechanic reveal announcement by Patrick Chapin: [1]

  • Damage from Night can't be responded to, nor can it be stopped by Aegis.
  • The extra cards can smooth out draws and provide added fuel to increase the options at your disposal.
  • Additionally some cards have specific effects while it's Night.

Cards with Nightfall Edit

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Cover of Darkness
Lunar Magus
Darkveil Agent
Miris Nightshade
Rindra, the Duskblade


  1. DWD News - Night Falls on Eternal by Patrick Chapin (December 6, 2017)
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