Nightmaw, Sight Unseen is a Hero Unit.

How to Get Edit

Type Creation Destruction
Legendary Shiftstone icon 3200 Shiftstone icon 800
Premium Shiftstone icon 9600 Shiftstone icon 3200
This card can also be obtained from Card Packs. Diamond Chests and Card Packs can give Premium versions of this card.

Strategy Edit

Works well with Infiltrate units, and units with high attack.

Probably best to only run in a 2 color deck, and not a 3 color deck due to its restrictive influence requirements.

Notes Edit

Nightmaw's ability affects itself as well.

Gallery Edit


Alpha/Closed Beta version


1.35Unit type updated - was Beast, now Direbeast.
1.14Released in The Empty Throne (transition to Open Beta).


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