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Oizio, Adaptive Spy is a Hero unit card.

How to Get[]

Type Creation Destruction
Promo Shiftstone icon 600 Shiftstone icon 100
Premium Shiftstone icon 2400 Shiftstone icon 400

This card can be obtained by winning matches during it's promotional period, otherwise it can be crafted.


On Play: "I'm sorry, it must be done."


The Shadowlands offer myriad paths to those sharp enough to survive. They can lead to new and wondrous places. Many are dangerous, but a few can be… useful.

Some of us do not have homes we care to return to. We do what must be done.[1]

Oizio is a travelling shapeshifter, familiar with myriad paths through the Shadowlands.

It first learned of Myria in Shingane, where a member of a Myrian exploratory expedition into the Shadowlands stumbled out of the wastes near the Oni city. With the Myrian recovering under Jishu's care,[2] Oizio mimicked his shape and replaced him in the expedition. It stayed with them through their discovery and exploration of Xulta, and their return through the Shadowlands to share their findings with Argenport.[1]


Oizio premium Avatar

Oizio is the third promotional card of Dark Frontier, after Albon Roa, of the Order. The promo quest period lasted from July 17 to 23, 2019, and a Oizio premium avatar was available in the store for a limited time.[1]



1.46.6... Released as a promo to Dark Frontier.


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