Change is coming. Our scions struggle to make sense of their own histories as a great disruption looms on the horizon.

Omens of the Past teaser

Omens of the Past is the second pack-based set for Eternal Card Game. It released July 14th, 2017 with the 1.22 patch [1]. It has over 250 new cards and new mechanics, with five new theme decks [2]>


The five 2-faction pairs not represented in The Empty Throne each have a unique mechanic.

PraxisIcon req F Icon req T: Warp

HooruIcon req J Icon req P: Mentor

ArgenportIcon req J Icon req S: Revenge

SkycragIcon req F Icon req P: Spark

XenanIcon req T Icon req S: Lifeforce


Five two-colored pairs.


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