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Eternal World Championship[]

The Eternal World Championship is Dire Wolf Digital's first-party tournament series. Its first season started October 2018, and will culminate in a 16-player championship tournament in Spring 2019 with a prize pool of $100,000.[1]

Qualifying for Worlds[]

Most participants of the championship tournament will qualify through Eternal Championship Qualifier tournaments. Four invites will be given through other paths.

Eternal Championship Qualifiers

A series of 6 Eternal Championship Qualifiers (ECQ) each invite their 2 finalists to Worlds. These are held throughout the season, starting in early November 2018 for the 2019 season.

ECQs are held online, open to all players and each has a $5,000 prize pool.


ECQ participants earn ECQ points when they do well in the tournament but don't place in the top 2. After the 6 Qualifiers, an invite-only Showdown tournament is held for the 32 players with the most ECQ points. The Showdown's winner earns an invite to the World Championship.

Masters Challenge

Players who reach top 100 Master in Ranked or Draft in the season leading up to Worlds will qualify for one of the Masters Challenges. The Ranked Masters Challenge and the Draft Masters Challenge will each reward a World Championship invitation to its winner.

Community Championship

In support of community-run tournaments, the final Worlds invite is rewarded to the winner of the Community Championship.

For the 2019 season, the Community Championship will be run by the Eternal Tournament Series (ETS), as a 16-player invite-only tournament from March 23-24, 2019. Invitations are given based on Series Points, awarded to ETS tournament participants in the season leading up the the Community Chamionship.[2]

Tournament Coverage[]

The World Championship, along with the top 32 of each ECQ, the Showdown, and the Masters Challenges will be broadcast and covered live by DWD on Twitch[3].

Third-Party Tournaments[]

In addition to official, in-client tournaments run by DWD, competitive Eternal play has long been supported in events run by its community.

Main article: /Third-Party Tournaments


DWD initially announced its plans for "an ongoing organized play program to support cash-prizing and high-level competitive play" in May, 2018.[4] A full announcement detailing the Eternal World Championship was made in September, 2018.[1]

This was followed by two public test tournaments, Shadowfall (September 28-30)[5] and Reunion (October 19-21).[6] Both tournaments consisted of two stages: an open Qualifier stage, then a Bracket stage for the Qualifier's top 32 players. The Bracket stages of each tournament were broadcast and covered live by DWD on Twitch. Shadowfall tested Eternal's tournament system for players on PC, while Reunion expanded the test to include mobile players.

A third test tournament, Envoys (November 2-4),[7] cut to its Qualifier's top 64. However, due to technical difficulties, the Bracket stage was cancelled soon after starting.[8]


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