When this hits an enemy unit, leftover damage is dealt to the enemy player or site.

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Overwhelm can be on both Spells and Units. The leftover damage dealt by a spell will be dealt to the enemy player.

Overwhelm does NOT work while blocking or on your turn(this is only true for units, damage spells with overwhelm played on your turn will deal the leftover damage to the enemy player as normal).

If a unit with Overwhelm is blocked, and the blocker is removed before damage is dealt, the unit will deal damage to the player instead (a unit without Overwhelm in this situation would no longer attack).

If a unit with Overwhelm is blocked by a unit that is invulnerable to damage, no damage is dealt to the blocking unit or the player, even if the blocker's Health icon health is lower than the attacker's Strength icon strength.


Overwhelm was introduced during the game's release in The Empty Throne.

It appears almost exclusively in Time iconPrimal icon and Fire icon, with the exceptions of The Tormentor, Varret the Mighty, and Rumbling Contraption.


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