• Difficulty iteration on the new intro campaign. Increased the volume of all VO and set the default VO volume to 75%. The result should be no actual volume change but you now have the ability to increase the volume of VO to be higher than before.

Bug FixesEdit

  • You can once again use the sample head feature in draft.
  • Some players still had the stuck 5/5 “Complete the Campaign” quest after 1.19.1. This should no longer be the case and that quest should now be properly removed for all players.
  • You should be able to complete the "Survivor" quest again.
  • Improved the process for connecting to draft games to address the connection issues that were resulting in losses for some players.
  • Friends should once again display in the correct order when using ‘Show Friends’ on the leaderboards.
  • Campaigns that have been completed should now be correctly marked as ‘Complete’ and stay completed.
  • Textures should once again display correctly in the campaign for iOS users.
  • You should once again be able to reopen the selection window for Diplomatic Seal after collapsing it.
  • Response times around attack selections should work properly again.
  • You should once again be able to zoom cards during the prompt to discard down to 9 cards.
  • You should once again be able to zoom cards during the selection window for Second Sight.
  • Throne Warden has an updated summon VO.
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