Promo QuestEdit

  • Veteran Mercenary is now available! Earn one copy of Veteran Mercenary for your first Versus Battle win each day while the promo is available.


  • An event button has been added to the home page. Be on the lookout for unique, timed Events in the future!
  • The event mode button has taken the place of the casual mode. But, fear not! Casual is still a mode we intend to support in a future patch.

Bug FixesEdit

Client FixesEdit

  • Minimizing the client should no longer remove the framerate cap.
  • Reporting another player in chat should now prevent them from sending you additional messages.
  • Multiple performance improvements for Android and iOS.
  • Leaving a game you were observing and re-joining it should no longer display the End Turn button in Greek, regardless of language selected.
  • The settings menu during login should now include a slider to control card voice volume.
  • Completing multiple quests should no longer stack the progress display when claiming the rewards.
  • Power and influence UI should now correctly appear if you observe a friend right as their game is starting.
  • The network indicator signaling a poor networking connection should no longer be hidden while in a queue.
  • Weapons that grant aegis should now correctly transfer the aegis when the unit transforms (if the aegis hadn’t previously been used).
  • Damage spells should now correctly consume the aegis from units that are invulnerable to damage, even if they would have dealt no damage to the unit.
  • Lifegain should now be batched into single triggers rather than individual instances during simultaneous lifegain from a single source. Example: Black-Sky Harbinger will now grant a single instance of health rather than multiple instances of +1.

Card FixesEdit

  • Azindel, the Wayfinder should now correctly grant his new owner the max power benefit when stolen.
  • Azindel, the Wayfinder should now correctly increase max power when a unit moves between voids.
  • Azindel, the Wayfinder should now correctly increase max power when The Tormentor enters the void from Whispers in the Void.
  • Azindel, the Wayfinder should no longer increase max power when a relic is killed.
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