Pale Rider Avatars: Available for a Limited TimeEdit

  • Collect all four Pale Rider premium avatars from the store for 300 gems each!
  • These avatars will only be available for a limited time.

Progression System UpdateEdit

  • Level 59 for each faction has been updated to include the second upgrade of that faction’s basic totem.
    • If you are already level 59+, you will be granted your totem upgrade on login.
    • You still have to own the totem before you can use the upgrade.

Expanded Match HistoryEdit

  • Match History can now be expanded to see additional information about your previous games.
  • Additional information includes:
    • Factions of your opponent’s deck (based on the influence you saw them play)
    • Who went first
    • The deck you played
    • Who won
    • The turn on which the game ended
  • You can also view the complete order of all cards in your deck for a given game.



  • Deck searching has been added to the deck list display.
  • If you own premium copies of cards that are in your deck, there is now a one-button option to swap them in.
  • You can now click-through/skip campaign dialogue on the playmat.
  • Puzzles now offer the ability to retry them from the options menu and from the defeat screen.
  • The message of the day has been changed to only display once per day.

Reward UpdatesEdit

  • Casual: Rewards increased to a series of bronze - bronze - bronze / bronze.
  • Ranked: Rewards after the last silver chest for a day have been increased to mimic Casual’s rewards: bronze - bronze - bronze / bronze.
  • Gauntlet: Rewards reduced for 2-6 wins. 7 wins still awards 3 silver chests.
  • You can now only make quest progress on the first win of each game in campaigns.

Matchmaking UpdatesEdit

  • Deceleration, a system which would award you with fewer points on a win and take more points when you lost based on where the system thought you should be, has been removed.
  • Ranked: The matching system in Ranked should now favor matches within or closer to your rank.

Bug FixesEdit

Client FixesEdit

  • You should now be able to mute premium avatars during redraw.
  • Muting the enemy player should now mute the Obelisk totem’s ambient animations.
  • You should be able to interact with the options menu again when a selection array is up.
  • Cards with Destiny should now correctly be discarded to maximum hand size.
  • Shimmerpack copies should now correctly get double damage during the Sudden Death boss fight.
  • If a unit is temporarily granted a battle skill that was previously silenced twice, they wouldn’t receive the benefit of that battle skill. This should no longer occur and the unit should correctly get the battle skill a third time.

Card FixesEdit

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