(Note, these changes were originally posted before the patch, on Oct 31, 2017)

Upcoming Balance ChangesEdit

We don't usually provide a heads up about these changes prior to patch day, but in the spirit of supporting the folks playing in the coming tournament this weekend, here you go (these will be live this week):

The Tale of Horus Traver has had an impact on the metagame, and while we've generally been happy with the ways the format has been changed up, Bartholo, the Seducer has become a more warping influence than we'd like.

The play pattern of putting a big weapon on an early Bartholo put a little too much of the card's power into a race with first interaction points. We also believe the ultimate has the potential to be a lot of fun, at the right cost. To this end, we have increased Bartholo's cost to play by 1, but also decreased his ultimate's activation by 3.

  • Bartholo, the Seducer - Now 4JJS with Ultimate: Pay 7 (instead of 3JJS with Ultimate Pay 10)

We also wanted to give a little boost to a few faction pairs in order to further promote diversity among strategies. In particular, we were interested in improving tools for players looking for more ways to interact with some of the format's most popular threats.

We appreciate the feedback and experiences players have shared over the past month; and we will continue to monitor the format closely.

Other Changes Edit

(Note: These additional changes were unlisted in the source post.) The following units will have their subtype changed to Sentinel:

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