Hey folks!

Just a heads up: We're rolling out a client-only hotfix today on Android devices. iOS and PC should be hitting tomorrow.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Improved data caching at startup. This change will reduce initial login times significantly, after the first login.
  • Opponents using premium avatars should now display the number of relics they have in play again.
  • The playmat VFX for Icaria’s premium avatar should no longer display over unit VFX.
  • The playmat VFX for Eilyn’s premium avatar should no longer block unit hinting.
  • You should be able to use controllers to make all in-game card selections again.
  • Disabling totem interactions should no longer mute your own totem.
  • Expanded match history was showing a count for individual turns. It should now count your turns.
  • Link graphics should no longer appear under unit tokens.
  • The blocking icon that displays on units during blocking should now be visible again.
  • Having the void open during Revenge should no longer display a pink avatar image.
  • Multiple Android UI bug fixes.
  • Navigating between scenes, especially the playmat, should be faster on Android.
  • Fixed several issues around updating new files after installing. This should prevent cases where you could become stuck during these updates.
  • All cards should display their image in the deckbuilder deck list again.
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