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New Campaign: Dead Reckoning[]

  • Play as Icaria in the latest campaign to hit Eternal!
  • The Dead Reckoning campaign is now available for 1,000 gems or 25,000 gold.
  • Play 18 new missions and collect all 25 new cards.

New Premium Avatar: Icaria, Valkyrie Captain[]

  • The Icaria, Valkyrie Captain premium avatar is now available for 300 gems.
  • Includes premium animations and custom valkyrie wings on the playmat.
  • Comes with a custom emote: "Face your judgment!"

Twitch Streaming Integration[]

Players who stream Eternal can now link their twitch accounts. Paired with the Eternal Stream Extension, you can provide viewers the ability to:

  • Zoom cards on your playmat
  • View your deck list (including optional export functionality)
  • View your deck list while you Draft, Forge, or build decks in the Deck Builder.


  • Voidbound” has been added to cards that can’t leave the void to increase clarity and remove text clutter.
  • There is no functional change from the text-based description.

UI Updates[]

  • "Create All" will now only craft unowned cards if all unowned cards can be crafted.
  • The message of the day will now highlight new tiles to make it easier to find news you haven’t read yet.
  • Cards that display a list of selections should now stack all identical cards and show how many cards are in each stack.

Min Supported Update Coming[]

We will be updating the required min client for both OSX and iOS in the next major release, 1.30:

  • OSX will be updating from 10.8 to 10.9
  • iOS will be updating to 10.0

Bug Fixes[]

Client Fixes[]

  • The Shifting Alliances Gauntlet boss should now correctly apply the +1/+1 to transformed units that transformed into multi-faction units.
  • Attempting to create units while you have a full board should now fail. This should fix the issue with Champion of Order creating too many copies of himself.
  • End of turn timing has been updated to allow you to play cards like Sleeping Draught at the end of your own turn.

Card Fixes[]

  • Scepter of Nobility should no longer have its cost reduced if your only unit wielding a weapon was stolen.
  • Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince should no longer play weapons with restrictions on invalid targets.
  • Valkyrie Bodyguard should no longer be able to use a Killer attack if the player doesn’t have armor.
  • Units stunned by Winter's Grasp should no longer lose stun if they were wielding a weapon and were transformed.
  • Previously, several spells would fail to resolve each of their abilities if their target was removed in response. The following list of spells have been fixed:
    • Shield Bash - You will now draw a card.
    • Decay - You will now gain the 3 health.
    • Dispel - You will now draw a card.
    • Ironclad Oath - You will now gain 1 armor for each of your valkyrie.
    • Jotun Birth Song - You will now search your deck for Yeti.
    • Execute - Will still deal 2 damage.
    • Cover of Darkness - Nightfall will still occur.
    • Excavate - You will now gain the 2 health.
    • Cruciation has received a template change to indicate that it must kill the unit in order to gain the health. No gameplay change.
    • Cudgels created by Statuary Maiden should now always go to your hand, even if you have a Shadowlands Feaster in play.
    • Levitate should now require a target in order to be played.
    • Returning a relic weapon to hand with Dig Site should no longer leave the armor behind on the player.