Heroes and Chapters UpdateEdit

  • Seasons in the game will now be labelled as “Chapters”.
  • All named characters will get a searchable “Hero” tag to help identify their special status in the world. At present, this is an under-the- hood change with no mechanical effects.

Twitch Streaming IntegrationEdit

  • Decklists will now auto-scale to display better at small window sizes.
  • The extension will now notify viewers if they can’t use it because the streamer has it disabled.
  • There have been multiple bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Premium Avatar: SnowmanEdit

  • The time-limited Premium Avatar: Snowman has been removed from the store.

UI UpdatesEdit

  • Muting an enemy avatar on mobile now requires a long press and hold.
  • You can now disable screen shake from the options menu.

Min Supported Client UpdateEdit

  • Min client for OSX has been updated from 10.8 to 10.9
  • Min client for iOS has been updated to 10.0

Bug FixesEdit

Client FixesEdit

  • Advanced Filters should now displays the correct pack art for each set.
  • Importing a deck from the clipboard should now work on mobile again.
  • Card text should no longer convert to code if they are referencing another card name with a comma in its name.
  • Emotes should now block being able to click through them to the units underneath.

Card FixesEdit

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