Balance Changes Edit

Answer the Call has been a little too decisive, so early in the game; and despite the inherent variance in the card, played out a little too repetitively to be this pushed. Increasing the base cost puts more pressure on the player using it to play more weapons, in order to get maximum value out of the card.

Keep Your RankEdit

Note: This section was detailed in a separate source.[1]

To help protect forward progress made by players, we're making some changes to how Ranks work in both Ranked and Draft:

  • Players can no longer demote from Gold to Silver, or Silver to Bronze. (You can still demote within a Rank - from Silver II to Silver III, for example - but once you make it to Silver, Gold, or Master, you're staying there.)
  • Players can no longer demote within a Rank (go from Silver II to Silver III) in your first three games after reaching a new tier.


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