Onboarding Campaign Edit

Users are now able to skip part of the onboarding campaign.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • The Ashara premium avatar should now properly load on the playmat each game.
  • The Six-Gun card back should no longer fail to load its VFX.
  • Entering Casual, Ranked, or Draft should no longer cause buttons on the homepage to stop functioning.
  • Adding users to the Friends List should no longer create errors.
  • Various controller issues have been fixed.
  • Issues surrounding totem VFX have been fixed.
  • Players can now navigate through Avatars by scrolling.
  • Revealing a rare while opening packs should no longer creates issues with revealing the other cards that were opened.
  • The AI should now prioritize Spellcraft spells more optimally.
  • The void counter should now update properly.
  • Various performance issues for Android and iOS have been resolved.
  • Fixed several issues with Premium Avatars and Premium Totems.
  • Players should no longer experience stream delay issues on Twitch.
  • Player rank should now update properly.
  • The Snowman Avatar background image now appears correctly in the profile scene.
  • Drawing animations have been improved while at maximum hand size.

Card Fixes Edit

Tamarys, the Geomancer Promo Quest Edit

(Note: The following changes took place 2 days after the original patch, and were detailed in a separate source post.[1])

  • The Tamarys, the Geomancer promo quest begins today and will run until next Wednesday, September 26.
  • During the quest period, your first PvP win of the day will reward you with a copy of Tamarys.
  • Once the promo period is over, you’ll be able to craft Tamarys using Shiftstone as normal.
  • The Tamarys premium Avatar will be available in the store for 300 Gems for a limited time.


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