Card Changes Edit

  • Torch and Obliterate changed before the release of Defiance, so they cannot deal damage to Sites.[1]
  • Gun Down changed to only target enemy units (could target player's own units before).
  • Corrupt updated to clean up functionality to reduce confusing interactions.

Full Corrupt Explanation Edit

Note: The explanations are sourced from in-game 'News' section.
Card Update - Corrupt
We're on the heals of the fifth Eternal set Defiance and with it we're making a change to clean up the functionality of Corrupt.
Old text: Steal an enemy spell played on you or one of your units and redirect it to an enemy.
New text: Negate an enemy spell played on you or one of your units, then steal it and play it from the void.
What Changed?
The old version of Corrupt couldn't be played unless the spell would have a legal enemy selection after being stolen, this caused many reports of players thinking they were auto-passed when they should have been able to play Corrupt. Corrupt functioned as a negate effect for enemy spells without using the term Negate on the card. Lastly, because the old Corrupt led with the term "Steal" it was blocked if the enemy player had Aegis, when it wasn't involving players clicking on the enemy avatar.
The new Corrupt solves these issues. By first negating the spell, it's now interacting with the card and the player Aegis will block the spell being stolen. The new Corrupt now can be played regardless if there are other targets, thus, if you want to redirect that Slay from your Shadowlands Feaster to your own Frog, you can! There doesn't need to be an enemy that can be legally selected with Corrupt.
Some other things this change to Corrupt brings is how you're now the player playing the spell. This counts as you playing the spell and you will have to pay any additional cost or select modes for the card. For example, with Vara's Choice, you'll be able to choose whether or not to silence an enemy unit and put it into their hand, or silence a unit in their hand and discard it. The choice the enemy made no longer matters as the spell previously played was negated.
Why Change Corrupt?
Corrupt was a card with a high degree of confusion. We wanted to clean up all of the swath of interactions and bring Corrupt to a place that improved the user experience while maintaining the spirit of the design. With the change we're offering sellbacks on Corrupt because it falls under our policy of being a sidebuff and not a strictly better version of the previous card.


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