Eternal Card Game Wiki

New Set: Defiance[]

  • Over 250 new cards and five new mechanics have been added to Eternal.
  • The new set is now available for purchase from the store, and can be crafted via Shiftstone.
  • Five new Theme decks are now available for purchase from the store.
  • New Achievements!
  • The Draft format has been refreshed! Draft the new set along with a new set of curated Draft Packs, outlined Here.

Gauntlet/Forge Updates[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • Entering Observer mode as one of the players concedes should no longer hang the game observer’s client.
  • The registration page now provides feedback when attempting to create usernames and passwords that aren’t accepted by the system.
  • Added a scroll bar to the Message of the Day so that longer messages are not cut off.
  • Adding Premium and Non-Premium cards to a deck, and a non-Premium version to the market no longer causes deck validation errors.
  • Fixed Molot and Nakova Premium Avatar VFX on the redraw screen.
  • Users will no longer see an empty quest screen after earning the fourth copy of a promo card.
  • Alhed, Mount Breaker and Blackhall Warleader's premium artwork should now display properly.
  • Match History has been updated to properly account for multiple redraws.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements for gamepad and Xbox One.
  • Improvements to how multi-faction cards are sorted in collection view.
  • Fixed an issue where the Replay button would sometimes fail to appear.
  • Conceding a game with a selection window open will no longer force the user to reconnect.
  • When a card with Echo is played with Destiny, they now present correctly.
  • Scout spells played from the Void no longer cover up scouted cards.
  • Players can now inspect Power trays during Market selection.
Card Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Cowardice would not function correctly in some situations.
  • Cowardice will now longer be copied if a unit is copied.
  • Discarding Privilege of Rank should no longer cause issues with the game appearing out of sync.
  • On the Hunt should now present correctly.
  • Savage Denial can no longer negate your own spells.
  • Units will no longer die one at a time to Harsh Rule.
  • In Cold Blood should now function more reliably if a Shadowlands Feaster is in play.
  • In some situations, an opponent could skip Vara, Vengeance-Seeker's summon trigger ability. This issue should now be resolved.
  • Resolved several issues with Tome of Repetition.
  • Praxis Outlaw should no longer briefly present to the opponent when drawn from its ability.
  • Resolved several issues related to Azindel, Revealed and Statuary Maiden being in play together.
  • Nametaker should now function correctly for units that were killed in combat.
  • Nametaker will now function more reliably with sacrifice effects.
  • Fixed a bug where Lida's Apprentice would sometimes continue to apply its effect after it had been destroyed.
  • Genetrix Irel IV should now properly play audio.