The Eternal Community Store is coming soon! Earn influence by watching your favorite Eternal streamers on Twitch, and redeem it in-game for cards, packs, and cosmetics!

See the full announcement to learn more.[1]

Bug Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

  • Various AI improvements and optimizations.
  • Hammer of Authority VFX should now play more consistently.
  • Performance improvements and optimizations. Transitions between menus and scenes should now be quicker for many devices.
  • Fixed a visual issue where created or destroyed cards would present incorrectly when in full-zoom mode.
  • Improvements to deckbuilder search terms.
  • Improvements to the Pale Riders’ premium avatar animations.
  • Card backs should no longer be flipped when your opponent Scouts.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could experience a client freeze if an opponent conceded halfway through a Scout animation.
  • Primal Faction level up VFX were missing in some situations. This issue has been fixed.
  • Various improvements to Gamepad support.
  • Chinese characters are now able to be used in passwords.
  • Aegis should no longer be removed by multi-target spells that deal zero damage.
  • The “Recent Players” list on Xbox should now properly update after a game.
  • Selecting a Void to inspect while another selection array is open should no longer cause visual issues.
  • Various bug fixes for visual issues on the Tournament Leaderboard scene.
  • Players on Android devices should no longer instantly disconnect if the app is put in the background or minimized.
  • Users are now warned if they attempt to buy into an event with very little time remaining.
  • Improved the presentation and timing of cards that ask the user to first draw and then discard a card.
  • Cards selected in Forge can now be dragged to the decklist.
  • Tri-faction names (Jennev, Ixtun, Winchest, etc.) are now a valid search term on the deck selection screen.
  • The Desktop clients have been updated to support pressing the Spacebar to quickly move through dialogues, menus, and scenes (such as when opening packs).
  • Emotes on Mobile: To activate your own emotes on mobile, a long press is needed. This was changed from a simple tap to avoid issues with targeting your avatar. (This was inadvertently left out of the 1.43 Patch Notes.[2])

Card FixesEdit


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