Eternal Card Game Wiki

2/14 Balance Changes[]

The ranked metagame has been fairly healthy this month, and last weekend's ECQ showed off a diverse field. While, we're happy with the play patterns of the top decks, we did want to take this opportunity to buff some Shadow, Primal, and Time build-arounds from a variety of fringe strategies.

Stat Buffs:[]

We wanted to increase the survivability of some compelling fan-favorites that encourage novel deckbuilding. Each of these cards carries with it a fair bit of investment, and the extra stat points should help increase the frequency that these units get to do their thing.


  • Entrancer - Now silences 4-cost or less units (was 3 or less)
  • Soulbringer - gives the wisps it brings back +1/+1 (was +0/+0)

We also wanted to show a little bit of love to Radiants and Wisps, and felt increasing the effectiveness of some of their unique abilities was the best way to highlight what they bring to the table.

Cost Reduction:[]

We wanted to bring some increased speed and efficiency to these remaining five build-arounds. Both Aeva, Eilyn's Elite and Veteran Mercenary have had their stats slightly reduced, to go along with their lower cost; however, a substantial amount of their strength comes from their respective abilities, and we expect both of these changes to generally be buffs.