Eternal Card Game Wiki

New Features:[]

  • Homecoming is live![1] Join Svetya on her campaign to retake Kosul. The campaign includes 26 new cards, a premium upgrade option, and new achievements!
  • Export Collection has been added to both PC and Tablet. The feature is a button that exists in collection and allows players to have their collection in the form of a list.

Rules Updates:[]

  • Normal Stuns are no longer removed by Silence. Effects like Permafrost and Ice Sprite can still be removed by Silencing the source.
  • Endurance units now ready at the end of your own turn instead of the start of the opponent's. Units with Endurance are still immune to Stun.

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Ashara, Ruthless Assassin’s portrait should now appear correctly in the boss power prompt.
  • Player Aegis will no longer protect you from dying at end of turn from having zero cards in your deck.
  • The “Everlasting Life” gauntlet boss should now correctly display its game rules properly.
  • Improved gamepad/controller support in areas of the deck-building screen.
  • Editing a deck name from the default view will no longer be reverted when entering the deck customization view.
  • Leaving the deck customization screen using a global navigation button will now save the changes on that page.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Done” button in Deck Customization didn’t work if entered immediately after drafting.
  • The Steam Achievement - “Found it” now properly refers to playing Treasure Troves.
  • The Jekk's Bounty “Mad Dinomancer” boss power should now properly remove the faction requirements from the Carnosaurs.
  • Improved the AI’s ability to use Silence effects.
  • Other AI improvements.
  • Amber Monument’s Premium VFX have been improved.
  • Cannonbearer’s Premium VFX has been improved.
  • Store performance has been improved on all devices.
  • The “Delete” and “Clone” deck highlights have been improved in the deckbuilder UI.
  • Various performance optimizations and improvements across all platforms.

Card Fixes:[]

  • Hooru Envoy should now correctly draw only one card when chosen by the same Amplify spell multiple times.
  • Crown of Possibilities should no longer break the highlights around the phase button.
  • Parry should now properly have units deal the overwhelm damage when the unit is not attacking.
  • Parry should now properly respect a deadly unit dealing deadly damage even if the deadly unit is killed before the Parry resolves.
  • Mitotic Wisp should no longer count itself in checking the number other units going to the void.
  • Icespear Chucker has been renamed to Icicle Marksman.
  • Acquisitive Crow should once again play the proper attack sound.
  • Mask of Torment should no longer weak hint when The Tormentor can be played. It should now strong hint in any case that The Tormentor could be played.
  • Mug should correctly show the number of copies of a card that are in the opponent’s hand.
  • Milos, Unwavering Idealist’s sound effects should once again obey global volume settings.
  • Burglarize can now be played when Tomb Protector is in play.


  1. DWD News - New Campaign: Homecoming (March 13, 2019)