Homecoming Draft Format Update Edit

With the release of Homecoming, we’re updating the draft format for Eternal.

We’ve really liked how Defiance draft has played, but wanted to experiment with shaking up the draft format by altering the contents of the draft packs. More than half of the cards have changed, including the interaction, support for Defiance themes, an increase in Nightfall, and support for Sentinels, Dinosaurs, Gunslingers, and Yeti.

The pack order has also changed to help support the new draft pack themes:

  1. Eternal Draft Pack
  2. Defiance
  3. Defiance
  4. Eternal Draft Pack

Our hope is that that this new draft format will lead to a lot of new puzzles to solve, experiencing the fun of Defiance in a whole new context.

Eternal Draft Packs have specially curated cards from each of the other four major sets, The Empty Throne, Omens of the Past, The Dusk Road, and The Fall of Argenport. The goal of these Draft Packs is to weave these cards together with the cards and mechanics from the newest set, while providing access to iconic cards from years past, and we’ve selected the contents with those goals in mind. If you’re interested in which cards are in the Draft Packs you can click the link here.

We’re excited to show off the new Homecoming draft format and can’t wait to see you in the game!

-The Dire Wolf Digital Team

Bug Fixes Edit

(Note: The following changes were detailed in a separate source post.[1])

  • Harsh Rule should no longer have no effect when played from the Void when the opponent has Vargo and a unit with Aegis.
  • Fixed a bug where Last Stand at the Gate's bottom 3D VFX were mostly off-screen.
  • Diogo Málaga, Elonze should no longer display Shadow VFX when activating its Amplify ability.
  • Star-Reader's Blade should no longer incorrectly return Voidbound units to play.
  • Fixed a bug where one of Display of Instinct's modes had no effect when played via Destiny.
  • Fixed a bug where Call for Aid didn't always create a Power Stone when played via Destiny.
  • Multiple choice spells should no longer have no effect when played for free.
  • Fixed a bug where Diogo Málaga, Elonze's Amplify text was not dynamic.
  • Fixed a bug where a silenced Vargo Redclaw would incorrectly survive non-damage kill effects.

1.45 Hotfix Edit

(Note: The following changes were made the following day.[2])

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed a bug where Howling Peak's health buff would incorrectly be removed at the end of your turn.
  • Parry should no longer only weak hint.
  • Fixed a bug where Vargo would incorrectly have Aegis removed by spells like Harsh Rule.
  • Multiple Star-Reader's Blades should no longer activate Summon effects multiple times.


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