Balance Changes and Community Store Update Edit

We want to preserve Xo as a compelling finisher for promoting Fire strategies going big; but pull back a little on the efficiency, particularly in three faction decks. We're also generally keeping an eye on cards and strategies promoting the use of eight or more Merchants; and Xo has been the biggest offender, there.

We have also made some exciting updates to the Community Store! You can check out the full list of changes and updates here!

Community Store Update Edit

(Note: The following changes were detailed in a separate source post.[1])

We’ll be swapping out Icaria, Valkyrie Captain premium avatar and the Argenport Silverwing totem for these two items:

This will be your last chance to pick up the Furious Emotes and Curious Emotes packages, which will be leaving the Community Store soon.

Community Emotes Package

The winning emotes have been chosen, and the Community Emotes Package is now available!

  • Well Played – “Well played.” by IsochronEternal
  • Greet – “Good luck, have fun.” by jez2718
  • Thanks – “Thanks for waiting!” by inthrall
  • Curse – “I’ve made a huge mistake.” by krorkle
  • Cheer – “JAJAJA” by camat0
  • Taunt – “Math is for blockers!” – by KaelosTheReckoning

Winners will be notified soon in order to receive their prizes.

Design a Card

Congratulations to the very first purchaser of our Design a Card offer from the Community Store: y0ttabyte!

The Design Team is looking over their submission, and we hope to have news about this card soon.

Hotfixes and Server Updates Edit

(Note: The following changes were made after the patch.)

1.45 Hotfix Edit

The following issues have been addressed:[2]

  • Desecrate should now deal damage when blocked by Aegis.
  • Fixed a bug where cards that are conditionally free (ex: Stormhalt Knife) could incorrectly have their cost increased while free.

4/11 Server Update Edit

We will be patching the following fixes shortly:[3]

  • Fixed a bug where Harsh Rule would incorrectly have no effect when played from the void in some situations.
  • The cannot block effect from Star-Reader's Blade's should no longer be copied by spells that copy units.
  • Fixed a bug where Vargo would incorrectly die after being played with Haunting Scream and later silenced.

4/12 Server Update Edit

The following issues have been addressed:[4]

  • Ankle Cutter should no longer not kill units that lose Endurance when Korovyat Palace is destroyed in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where skipping some optional sacrifice triggers could cause a game crash.


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