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New Set: Dark Frontier is now available![]

  • Catch what the buzz has been about, with over 230 new cards and exciting new mechanics available in Dark Frontier!
  • The new set is now available for purchase from the store, and can be crafted via Shiftstone.
  • Six new Theme decks are now available for purchase from the store.
  • New Achievements available for Xbox Live and Steam!
  • The Draft format has been refreshed! Draft the new set along with a new set of curated Draft Packs.[1]

Gauntlet/Forge Updates:[]

  • Forge and Gauntlet have been reset.

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Fixed an issue where tokens would sometimes not highlight correctly when a user hovered over them for a selection.
  • Fixed an issue where unowned cards added to a deck would not appear properly in the “Create Unowned Cards” list.
  • Spells with both Destiny and Echo should no longer cover up the play area, preventing players from selecting units.
  • On mobile devices, cards zoomed in during the redraw should no longer appear smaller than the card being inspected.
  • Pressing spacebar while opening rewards no longer causes text to flicker.
  • Clock settings should now update immediately.
  • The Sample Hand button in the Deckbuilder now changes color to show that it is disabled when a deck is invalid.
  • The targeting window for Relics has been increased in size on mobile devices to make selecting relics easier.
  • Attempting to purchase sold out items from the Community Store now shows a proper error message.
  • Site hangers should now properly fit on screen for all device resolutions.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Lifesteal icons would occasionally display incorrectly on some units.
  • In Observer Mode, Player 2’s Scout choice should once again correctly animate for the observer.
  • The Xenan Obelisk card back should now correctly appear in the Profile screen for players that can acquire it but do not already own it.
  • Fixed various visual issues with the Card Balance/Sellback screen on mobile devices.
  • On gamepad, cancelling on the “Create All” screen will no longer exit the user from the deckbuilder screen.

Card Fixes[]

  • Rizahn, Greatbow Master’s has improved his marksmanship and his VFX should now correctly hit the enemy avatar.
  • Yushkov’s Banner should no longer display incorrect prompt text in English.
  • Sleep Dart in the Jekk’s Bounty campaign has been updated to include dynamic damage text to better show the damage that will be dealt.
  • Cards played by Birthright should no longer cover up the menu when selecting a Spell to play from a Site Agenda.
  • Diogo Málaga, Elonze would sometimes incorrectly display an Overwhelm hanger. This has been removed.
  • Stonescar Excavator’s activation cost has been updated with dynamic text.
  • The prompt for Leave a Witness has been updated to more clearly explain the effect.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy units would sometimes hint red when casting Display of Knowledge.
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt for Brilliant Idea’s Amplify would display incorrectly.
  • Units returned to hand by Teleport no longer show a shadow in the middle of the play area.
  • Fixed an issue where Ponysnatcher would play VFX at incorrect times.
  • Champion of Impulse’s text has been updated to be consistent with the text on other, similar cards.
  • Transmute cards now have hangers for the cards that they transformed from.
  • Fixed an issue where Lieutenant Relia would incorrectly count Pledge cards as power towards her ability.
  • Mitotic Wisp should no longer incorrectly count units while out of play.
  • When stolen, Stormhalt Knife should properly update its cost to reflect the health of the new owner.
  • Fixed several bugs where Star-Reader's Blade would function unreliably.
  • Vara, Vengeance-Seeker will now properly prevent Aegis from being gained on units that are silenced, leave play, then re-enter play and attempt to gain Aegis.
  • Vision of Austerity should now properly count as being owned by an opponent like other cursed Relics.
  • Pitfall Trap now allows the player to discard cards drawn with Destiny.
  • Brel's Mallet will now properly gain Quickdraw while you have a Gunrunner in play.
  • Brel, Solist Apostate now properly grants relic weapons Warcry 2 instead of Warcry 4.
  • Oni Forgemaster’s VFX should no longer improperly play over your hand.
  • Talir's Choice should now correctly make two Explorers and should gain you two health when played from the Void.
  • Deadeye’s Renown ability should now play properly if the unit was Pledged that game and a Bear Guard Bayonet was played on him.
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Blast would not correctly deal damage in cases where it was played for free.
  • Fixed an issue where Corrupt would incorrectly be able to steal cards when Tomb Protector was in play.
  • Moonlight Huntresssummon ability should now function properly if it is played after being returned to hand from play.
  • Canceling the activated ability of Iceberg Hailshrieker should no longer display an error code.
  • Fixed an issue where Memento Mori was not displaying correctly as a rare in the Waystone Twitch extension.
  • Emerging Colossus’ hit trigger should now function correctly if there are only non-unit cards in the void.
  • Phoenix Stone should no longer transform into a unit when the Phoenix is wearing a Shapeshifter's Mask at the end of the turn. You should now properly get a random unit and no longer have a Phoenix Stone in play.
  • The animation from Stronghold's Visage should no longer prevent users from advancing the game.
  • Display of Instinct should now properly target the opponent for 4 damage even when there’s an enemy spell with VFX stacked on the opponent’s avatar. The VFX will not redirect Display of Instinct’s selection.
  • Parry should now be playable even if the opponent has no units in play.


  1. DWD News - Dark Frontier Draft Format Update (May 08, 2019)