1.46.10 Patch NotesEdit

New Features:Edit

  • Upgradeable Expedition card backs! Participate in Expedition tournaments and collect “Expedition Points” to upgrade your card back and show off your skill. There are seven different tiers in total, with the top two tiers exclusive to only a handful of players!
  • All players who entered the first Expedition event in August will receive 150 Expedition Points with this patch.
  • If you purchased the Veteran’s card back in the past, you can now select which version of the card back you would like to equip on the card back selection screen.
  • The emote selection menu on the personalization scene has been updated to show previews of each emote when selected.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Invoke the Waystones’ card text will be updated to the following: "Discard the top four cards of your deck, then play the top card of your deck. At the end of your turn, create and draw a copy of Invoke the Waystones with cost increased by 1."
  • Voprex, the Great Ruin's functionality will be updated – Units with Aegis will no longer block the card’s sacrifice ability.

Eternal’s servers will come down at 7:30 am MDT (1:30 pm UTC) on Thursday, 9/5/2019 for these changes. The downtime is expected to last approximately two hours.

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