5/13 Updates and Fixes Edit

We have addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug where Shift cards with Bond that are removed and returned to play don't come into play on first attempt.
  • Knight-Chancellor Siraf's activated voiceover no longer plays twice.
  • Royal Decree should now be properly targetable by Corrupt.
  • Vargo's Pelt should no longer apply to copied units.
  • Ice Bolt's animation is now consistent with other "ice" spells.
  • Innate Conviction's damage text now correctly dynamically updates.
  • Fixed a bug where in some situations, units with Shift and Bond could unintentionally be played for free.
  • Fixed an issue where Cen Wastes Smuggler and Pearl Abbey Smuggler could allow invalid deck contents.
  • Glimpse the Possibilities - Fixed an issue where cards added to your deck later would sometimes wrongly get Warp and spells would sometimes keep Warp after being played. Glimpse the Possibilities has also had a slight tweak to its wording to improve clarity, "Each card in your deck gets Warp this turn." The intended functionality is to give each card currently in your deck Warp this turn. Cards not in your deck at the time of playing it should not get Warp, and this buff ends if the card goes to your void, lining it up with temporary buffs like Rampage and Impatient Pyromage.

5/14 Updates and Fixes Edit

(Note: The following changes were made the following day.[1])

We have addressed the following issues:

  • Spells with Shift no longer hang the game when played with Destiny.
  • Patience no longer causes Insignias to cost Power.
  • Kimi, Expedition Guide no longer causes the game to hang if normal play is selected with Shift.
  • Glimpse the Possibilities is now available for sellback on any created copies of this card.


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