Downtime Monday, 10/28/2019 Edit

There will be a brief downtime Monday morning starting (7:00 am MDT, 14:00 UTC) while we perform some maintenance and turn on in-game Expedition Leaderboards.

Like Ranked and Draft, Expedition Leaderboards will follow the Chapter structure, and will roll over at the end of each month. Your initial ranking is derived from your Expedition match history for the entire month of October, and will reset on November 1.

When we come out of downtime, Expedition leaderboards may not be visible on all platforms! A rolling update will be required; in the meantime, you can check out the top 100 and your personal rank and badge on the website (login required). Even if you can’t see the Leaderboard yet in-client, games are being tracked and will continue to count toward your overall placement.

(Web data is updated periodically; please check for a time stamp which will show you the most recent update.)

A note about QCP: In our World Championship announcement, we announced that the October leaderboard will grant Quarterly Championship Points to our Top 100 Masters. We will be granting those points to qualifying players Monday 11/4, after the season rollover, based on final standing. You will be able to review how many QCP you have collected in your Profile screen after the game update which supports Expedition leaderboard.

Unlisted Changes Edit

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