(Editor's note: The in-game client version of this patch was unchanged from the previous release. We added the "b" to distinguish between these updates.)

The Merriest Mandrake Promo Quest Edit

  • The Merriest Mandrake promo quest begins today and will run until 12/29.
  • During the quest period, your first PvP win of the day will reward you with a copy of the Mandrake.
  • Once the promo period is over, you’ll be able to craft the Mandrake using Shiftstone as normal.
  • The Merriest Mandrake premium avatar will be available in the store for 300 Gems for a limited time.
  • A Merriest Mandrake theme deck will also be available in the Store for 500 Gems for a limited time. It includes the avatar and 4 premium copies of the promo!

12/24 Patch Notes Edit

(Note: The following changes took place the next day, and were detailed in the in-game announcements.)

  • Some players received theme deck quests they didn't need. We fixed the issue, but decided to leave the quests so the affected players can collect the rewards for their trouble. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    • Please note, you will have 2 theme deck quests to solve!
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