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(Editor's notes: The in-game client version of this patch was unchanged from the previous release. We added the "b" to distinguish between these updates.

Some unlisted changes and fixes were made with this update. These are marked with an asterisk*)

Echoes of Eternity is Live![]

The 8th major set for Eternal, Echoes of Eternity, is now available and brings over 200 new cards to the game!

Five new theme decks have been added to the in-game store, each available for 3,000 Gold or 250 Gems. A theme deck bundle is also available for 1,100 Gems. It includes all 5 decks and an exclusive, alternate-art Clockroach.*[1]

Type Consolidation[]

The “Owl” type has been consolidated into the “Bird” type. The following cards have been updated:

Market Updates[]

Merchants, Smugglers, and Bargains will now allow you to store cards of any faction in your market, still following either the Market or Black Market rules determined on the card. However, they can still only select cards out of the Market that their ability specifies.

Theme Deck Updates[]

Each of The Flame of Xulta theme decks have been updated in the store to be Expedition Legal with the release of Echoes of Eternity.

Card Fixes[]

Echoes of Eternity Hotfix 2-11-20[]

(Note: The following changes took place the same day, and were detailed in a separate source post.[2])

A few fixes to follow on today's set release have been rolled out:

  • Mysterious Waystone should now consistently grant health in PvP games.
  • Factionless cards should now work properly in Markets.
  • Some Spellcrafted spells were not playing their targeting VFX, making it difficult to determine the unit your opponent was targeting. This issue has been resolved.
  • Switchblade Deadeye should no longer keep its +2/+2 buff in the void if it died with temporarily granted skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the avatar for the Strange Return Gauntlet opponent would sometimes not display.
  • Ghar, Master Sandmage should no longer be able to silence units in the void.
  • Fixed an issue where a created Nihil Draconus would not function correctly with Nullblade.

2/12 Patch Notes[]

(Note: The following changes took place the next day, and were detailed in a separate source post.[3])

2/13 Update[]

(Note: The following changes took place a couple days later, and were detailed in a separate source post.[4])

  • Fixed an issue where Dying Sun's Tapestry would not correctly display its prompt text.
  • Makkar's Quiver should now present a prompt when targeting a unit.
  • Improvements to deck builder card image crops on mobile devices.
  • Fixed several typos in card prompt text.
  • Improved Aurapiercers token aura VFX for better legibility.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the First Win of the Day pack image was sometimes incorrect.
  • Strange Rider should no longer always weak hint.
  • Eloz, Nightmare General should no longer prevent curses from being able to sacrifice themselves after Eloz has left play.
  • Eloz, Nightmare General should no longer allow Unkindness to play ravens without sacrificing itself.
  • Eloz, Nightmare General has had its token aura VFX improved.
  • Befoul can no longer be cast if the second target is Vargo Redclaw.
  • Fixed an issue where Strange Rider would only check the top four cards of the deck, instead of the top six.
  • Granite and Amethyst Coin, when played with Onslaught, should no longer give the player a response window.


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