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(Editor's note: The in-game client version of this patch was unchanged from the previous release. We added the "c" to distinguish between these updates.

Empire of Glass Balance Changes[]

The next Eternal® set, Empire of Glass, is days away, releasing December 14th. We’ve been carefully monitoring the Throne environment in the wake of our 2020 World Championship. We’re announcing one nerf today targeted at that format.


With the nerf to Blightmoth, one of the strongest safety measures for reining in Skycrag Aggro took a major hit and Skycrag Aggro has definitely risen to the occasion. To that end, we’re reducing the strength of one of their lowest opportunity cost Aegis threats

For our other formats, a major set release means our Expedition and draft refresh. The new draft format will be:

  • Empire of Glass / Eternal Draft Pack / Eternal Draft Pack / Empire of Glass

The Eternal Draft Pack will be updated for this new format and will now include every card from the previous major set, Argent Depths.

For Expedition, another new set release means a refresh to this format focused on our most recent sets. In the new Expedition,Empire of Glass will be joined by the Eternal Draft Pack as well as all cards released since Argent Depths. This means promo cards like Tayana, the Mender and Celebration. As well as our recent campaigns like Bastion Rising and Awakening. For more details on what’s in the new Expedition and draft formats, look for an update to this page when the new set drops and the Draft Pack updates with it.


We have a few buffs to announce aimed at the upcoming Empire of Glass draft formats.

The Inner Fire cycle from The Dusk Road are essentially Amplify cards but were made before the mechanic’s debut. With the mechanic’s return as a major mechanic in Empire of Glass, we’re updating this cycle to use the Amplify UI and a few are getting a buff to their costs as well.

  • Inner Fire – Now “Amplify 1: Exhaust a Grenadin to play an additional Infernus.” (was “For each of your Grenadin, you may pay 2 and exhaust it to play another Infernus.”
  • Stirring Sand – Now “Amplify 2: Exhaust an Explorer to play an additional Sentinel from your void exhausted.” (was “For each of your Explorers, you may pay 2 and exhaust it to play an additional Sentinel from your void exhausted.”)
  • Curfew Enforcement – Now 1-cost (was 2-cost) also now “Amplify 1: Exhaust a Valkyrie to give enemy units an additional -1 strength.” (was “For each of your Valkyrie, you may pay 2 and exhaust it to give enemy units an additional -1 strength.”)
  • Snow Pelting – Now “Amplify 2: Exhaust a Yeti to deal 2 damage to an additional enemy.” (was “For each of your Yeti, you may pay 2 and exhaust it to deal 2 damage to an additional enemy.”)
  • Deadly Confrontation – Now “Amplify 1: Exhaust an Unseen to kill an additional enemy unit.” (was “For each of your Unseen, you may pay 2 and exhaust it to kill an additional enemy unit.”)

Unit Type Updates:[]

Finally, we are also going to be updating a handful of older units to have new unit types.

The following units will change type:

Name Updated Unit Type
Aamri, Dragonbane Minotaur Soldier
Albon Roa, of the Order Soldier
Albon, Fallen Soldier
Alhed Ascending Soldier Dinosaur
Alhed, Mount Breaker Soldier Scorpion
Ancient Machinist Explorer Soldier
Arcanum Elite Mystic Soldier
Auric Official Minotaur Soldier
Auric Record Keeper Minotaur Soldier
Auric Sentry Minotaur Soldier
Bazaar Trickster Mage Rogue
Bouldergate Guard Bird Soldier
Champion of Progress Minotaur Soldier
Copperhall Elite Minotaur Soldier
Copperhall Recruit Minotaur Soldier
Courier Albatross Bird Soldier
Emerald Maw Now creates a Justice Sentinel (Used to create an Illusion)
Court Mage Mage Soldier
Frontline Volunteer Soldier
Gate Guardian Bear Soldier
Gear Master Explorer Soldier
Greenstretch Empath Druid Soldier
Guardian of Spring Mandrake
Harga, Armory Warden Minotaur Soldier
Iceberg Shineefinder Yeti Explorer
Kosul Brigade Exile Soldier
Leyline Tracer Mage Soldier
Maveloft Huntress Elf Soldier
Minotaur Ambassador Minotaur Soldier
Minotaur Grunt Minotaur Soldier
Minotaur Platemaker Minotaur Soldier
Mischief Yeti Yeti Rogue
Overlook Spotter Elf Explorer
Seasoned Drillmaster Minotaur Soldier
Shield of the Line Minotaur Soldier
Sirocco Elementalist Mage Soldier
Slope Sergeant Yeti Soldier
Svetya's Faithful Soldier
Titan (Created by Call the Ancients) Mandrake
Towertop Patrol Mystic Soldier
Treasury Guard Minotaur Soldier
Venom Rider Soldier Scorpion
Wren, Traditionalist Mage Soldier
Yetipult Yeti Soldier

We’re excitedly looking forward to a big shake-up to Throne and a brand-new Expedition format with the release of Empire of Glass.