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(Editor's note: The in-game client version of this patch was unchanged from the previous release. We added the "e" to distinguish between these updates.

New Promo: Talir, Timejumper![]

To celebrate the release of Empire of Glass, we’re back with our third-of-four promo cards this month! Make time to earn your copies of Talir, Timejumper!

Talir, Timejumper Promo Quest[]

Here’s the complete schedule:

During the quest period, your first PvP win of the day will reward you with a copy.
Once the promo period is over, you’ll be able to craft the card using Shiftstone as normal.

Premium Avatar[]

The Talir, Timejumper premium Avatar will be available in the store for 300 Gems for a limited time.

Theme Deck[]

The Talir, Timejumper theme deck will also be available in the Store for 500 Gems for a limited time, and includes the avatar and 4 premium copies of the new promo!

Minor Updates[]

(Editor's note: these fixes were made in the following days.)

12/17 Update[1][]

Bug Fixes
Card Fixes
General Improvements
  • Several cards from Empire of Glass have had their audio improved or added.
  • Several Avatar crops have been improved.
  • Improved the AI’s understanding of Regen.
  • Improved the AI’s understanding of decay and relic weapons.

As always, thank you so much for your support and patience! If you run into any issues while playing Eternal please let us know via in-game feedback or drop a line to so we can take a look!


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