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(Editor's note: The in-game client version of this patch was unchanged from the previous release. We added the "g" to distinguish between these updates.)

1/8 Live Balance Update[]

With Empire of Glass out about a month now, we have been keeping an eye on both the Throne and Expedition formats, and we’re announcing a few nerfs and buffs targeted at improving diversity in Expedition. Additionally, we have a few new cards to add to the Expedition format and the Eternal Draft Pack.


One of Eternal’s newest tribes, Mandrakes, have proven themselves to be a powerful force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, they’ve also proven to be a bit too resilient to would-be weed-whackers, so we’re reducing the health a bit to make them a bit easier to keep under control.

Since his release in Argent Depths, Rolant has been one of the most powerful draws to Argenport, both in Throne and Expedition. We’re removing a point of strength in an effort to make Rolant a little more manageable before he racks up bonus strength from getting kills.


Soldiers have been a bit on the weaker side since Empire of Glass, so we’re making one of their more formidable members a bit easier to get going early.

As always, cards you crafted that are nerfed or side-buffed will have the option of being destroyed for a full shiftstone refund.


We wanted to take the chance to give some additional love to some of the lesser-played tribes from Empire of Glass, as well as to give them some additional ways to specifically interact with opposing sites.

  • Laser Blast – Now “One of your units deals its current health in damage to an enemy unit or site.” (was “One of your units deals its current health in damage to an enemy unit.”)
  • Reality Warden – Now has Overwhelm (was no battle skills)
  • Customs Officer – Now 4/3 (was 3/3)
  • Dichro's Technique – Now “Kill an enemy unit or site with cost 6 or more and give it Voidbound” (was Kill an enemy unit with cost 6 or more and give it Voidbound”)

Draft Pack Shakeup:[]

We’re also both adding 10 new cards to both the Draft pack and Expedition format. Additionally, we’ll be changing up the weighting of some cards in the Draft pack. As always, complete Draft pack contents can be found here. The new card additions are as follows:

(Editor's note: The full contents of the Draft Packs can be found linked in the source post. That page is continuously updated as Eternal's formats change, and may no longer reflect the Draft Pack contents at the time of this patch.)

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Etchings will no longer allow access to the market without the necessary influence requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where The Soaring Serpent achievement was not displaying its name or description properly.

Card Fixes:[]

The following units have been updated to incorporate the unit type “Bard” added with Empire of Glass.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing the big shake-ups that Empire of Glass has brought to both Throne and Expedition, and we’ll be continuing to carefully monitor both formats going forward.

Minor Updates[]

(Editor's note: these fixes were made in the following days.)

Shadowlands Stories Bundle[]

The Shadowlands Stories Bundle is now available! Get a great deal on cards and cosmetics from Eternal®‘s past![1]

Today’s 1/13 Update also includes a variety of bug fixes and improvements:

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Match History now correctly labels Casual games.
  • Improved Shoaldredger’s translation in German.
  • Moldermuck copies are no longer permanently invulnerable to damage if the original was wielding a Regent's Blade}}.
  • The Soaring Serpent is now properly listed in the list of achievements rather than listing To the Skies twice.
  • Grand Suppressor should now properly block Vadius, Proud Duelist}}’s summon ability.
  • Improved The Speaking Circle’s ability to play spells that have a selection modal.
  • Fixed an issue with Incineration’s damage dealing when Amplified.
  • From the Heavens now kills all units before playing the Valkyries from the Amplify.
  • Lynax, Moltenwing’s ability now properly allows different selections when multiple weapons are played at once.
  • Sharp Tactician no longer gets increased stats when blocked by an Aegis.
  • Battlemaster Kitaxius can properly grant Unblockable to relic weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with Talir, Timejumper’s VFX on the victory/defeat screen.
  • Arms Enthusiast should now grant Berserk to units when you play a weapon on them.
  • Improved the hinting of several spells when played from The Speaking Circle
  • Brash Flamespewer no longer has an erroneous fate hanger.
  • Cast Out now makes units with equal cost to their size.
  • Rotoscavenger now deals damage properly when multiple units are sacrificed.
  • Distortion Orb should now properly affect cards that enter the void after it is played.
  • The Speaking Circle is now differentiated in selection arrays to distinguish between different Agendas.
  • Cards that trigger when spells are played directly on them should now trigger once per Amplify spell.

Card Updates:[]

General Improvements:[]

  • Improved Message of the Day support

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