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(Editor's note: The in-game client version previous update was, but we stripped it to "Patch 1.53" as it was a major version number increase. The in-game client version of this update was unchanged from that previous release, so we are using the full number here.)

Revelations Draft Preview[]

A whole new Draft experience is on the way with the release of Revelations, but you can get hands-on with the new cards before launch day in a special Draft Preview window starting Monday, May 10!

During the Draft Preview, Draft Packs will include a curated pool of 61 commons and uncommons from Revelations!

You keep any cards you draft and can use them immediately in Throne and Expedition play, so the Draft Preview gives you a chance to get hands-on with some sweet new stuff before the official release!

Unlisted Changes[]

  • Vulk's Heart - Now " play Vulk from your void, then give her +2/+2." (was " play Vulk from the void with +2/+2."). Non-functional change.
  • Subjugated Beast - Now 5/5 (was base 0/0 with variably-created stats).