(Editor's note: The in-game client version of this patch was unchanged from the previous releases. We added the "c" to distinguish between these updates.)

4/20 Balance Update[edit | edit source]

We have a special mid-month balance update tomorrow with an eye towards draft. With tomorrow’s update we’re looking to bring more depth to Empire of Glass Draft and raise the power of what’s possible.

To accomplish this, we have a slightly larger than average number of changes, all to Empire of Glass commons and uncommons. These are mostly buffs targeted at bolstering some additional paths in draft, along with a nerf to help these new synergies flourish. We’re also going to be changing the draft order to be Empire of Glass, Eternal Draft Pack, Eternal Draft Pack, Empire of Glass so you can get a crack at some of these upgraded cards to build around right off the bat.

These changes will go live tomorrow, April 20th. Our next check-in will be our usual beginning of the month balance update as we continue to monitor the latest metagame developments.

Nerfs:[edit | edit source]

Side-Buffs (eligible for a Shiftstone refund):[edit | edit source]

Buffs:[edit | edit source]

Additionally, we’re adding some more cards to the Eternal Draft Pack. To see the list of what’s being added as well as the complete contents of the draft pack, click here.

With all that, we’re excited for players to experience the new Empire of Glass draft format. Just in time for the upcoming Empire of Glass 5k Draft Open. Join us April 30th – May 2nd, where one skilled drafter will qualify for the 2021 Eternal World Championships! Be sure to catch the broadcast for it at 11 AM MST, Sunday May 2nd at twitch.tv/Direwolfdigital.

Draft Update[edit | edit source]

(Editor's note: This section's content is from a different source post.[1])

We’re updating the Eternal Draft Pack on April 20th 2021, adding 28 new cards as well as adjusting the weightings and the order that the packs are drafted. The order will now be: Empire of Glass, Eternal Draft Pack, Eternal Draft Pack, Empire of Glass

The goal of these changes is to improve faction balance, improve the overall drafting experience, and increase the depth of the Empire of Glass draft format. With these goals, we have some live balance changes, you can read them here!

These are the 28 cards being added to the Eternal Draft Pack and the current Expedition format!

The following is the list of cards added to expedition as a result of this update:

(Editor's note: The full contents of the Draft Packs can be found linked in the source post. That page is continuously updated as Eternal's formats change, and may no longer reflect the Draft Pack contents at the time of this patch.)


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