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Primal is the faction of nature in both its savage fury and pristine beauty.
Primal Sigil

Primal is one of the five basic Factions in Eternal. It specializes in card draw and spell-focused effects.

Mechanics Edit

Card Draw Edit

Primal has many forms of card draw, including the straightforward Wisdom of the Elders, more complex spells like Strategizeand Second Sight, and draw/discard effects like Blind Storyteller and Herald's Song.

Mass Damage Edit

Cards like Lightning Storm and Hailstorm can help clear the board of smaller units.

Modifying Spell Damage Edit

Cards like Wild Cloudsnake and Boltcrafter Shaman increase the damage of your spells, while Stormtamer Operative decreases all spell damage.

Copying Units Edit

Mirror Image and Clutchmate allow you to copy your units and can give a chance to re-trigger Summon effects. End of Hostilities lets you copy any unit, including the enemy's.

Transforming Units Edit

Transforming an enemy unit with spells like Polymorph or Cirso's Meddling are an effective way to deal with threats without triggering abilities like Revenge or Entomb. Mind Link provides an additional advantage to decks that make use of transforming spells.

Negating Spells Edit

Spells like Backlash give a direct way to prevent the enemy from casting spells.

Unit Types Edit

Faction Combinations Edit

Two-faction Alliances Edit

Three-faction Alliances Edit

Lore Edit

Scion Edit

Eilyn is the scion of Primal. Caiphus's wife, she was never fully accepted by the people of Argenport.

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