Promises by Firelight is a single-player campaign, released December 19, 2019, which rewards playsets of 21 unique cards for normal play. It features 21 story-based missions following stories of Xulta's past.[1]

As dragons darken our skies, and strangers arrive from far lands, we will tell this tale. As whispers creep into Xulta once again, we will sing songs of our Ancestors and their mighty champions.

Price Edit

Promises by Firelight costs Gold icon25,000 gold or Gems icon1000 gems (Gems icon1100 gems costs US$9.99 through the in-game store).

Avatar - Aali, Champion of Kodosh

Aali premium Avatar

The premium version of Promises by Firelight includes the premium playsets of its cards, and a unique Aali premium avatar. It can be purchased together with the regular version for Gems icon2000 gems, or upgraded separately for Gems icon1000 gems.

Cardback - Set Bundle - Promises by Firelight

Death Incarnate cardback, from the Ancestor Bundle

An "Ancestor Bundle" is also available. For $39.99, it includes:

Cards Edit

Promises by Firelight cards cannot be crafted. They are only available after purchasing the campaign, and unlocked by completing its missions.

Premium versions on each card may be crafted once unlocked, at the usual cost for its rarity, or purchased in the premium campaign.

Find Promises by Firelight's cards in its category page.

Campaign Edit

Promises by Firelight's playable missions are divided into several chapters. Each chapter, narrated by Yorja, The Tale Keeper, focuses one of the ancient champions of the Xultan Ancestors, and how they came together to face the terrors of Eremot, Death Incarnate.

Long Shadows Edit

This chapter's missions follow Aali as she discovers an imminent threat to Xulta.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
The Time of Ancestors
In the Tall GrassSunset Stone
The Armory of KodoshDefeat the Minotaurs defending the Treasury Gate.Harga, Armory Warden
FlightUse Kodosh's Armor to protect the citizens of Xulta.Archgryffyn Patriarch
Shot DownDefend your units from the might of Makkar's Quiver.Kuro, Champion of Makkar

Test of Strength Edit

This chapter's missions follow Ixtol as he builds the arena and founds the Trials of Grodov.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
In the ArenaDakus, Ancient Flame
Quarry QuandrySolwatcher Tota
Grodov's BurdenShow your true strength with Grodov's Burden.Ixtol's Pendant
A Call of AidUtilize your strength to demolish Aali and Kodosh's Armor.Aali, Champion of Kodosh

Dark Tides Edit

This chapter's missions follow Lys, studying the forces of nature until she comes across a pair of champions.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Storm's PeakNot all of the tides are in your favor.Stormtamer's Mount
Frozen WarrensTome of Horrors
Champion's ChallengeUse the magic of Linrei's Codex to overcome Grodov's Burden.Ixtol, Champion of Grodov
Tide of FearLinrei's Protection

Fires of Inspiration Edit

This chapter's missions follow Endra as she seeks dragonfire, to forge an instrument worthy of Shavka.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Nest RaidersCinder Clutch
Burning BoonZealous Artisan
Cold WordsStop Lys in her tracks before she unleashes the magic of Linrei's CodexLys, Champion of Linrei
Forged in DragonfireUser the Dragon's rage to empower Shavka's LuteSpitflame Draconus

Blood of Makkar Edit

This chapter's missions follow Kuro as he encounters the nightmares spreading from the jungle.

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Dark WildsUser Makkar's Quiver to hunt your prey.Shattered Hopes
OutcastOvercome the Outcast's Unkindness.Solburst Scimitar
Lone WolfDefeat Endra before she makes quick work of you using Shavka's Lute.Endra, Champion of Shavka
SunsetWhen an enemy unit dies, it is played shifted. You start the game with one of each influence.Nightmare Prism

Gathering Dark Edit

Mission Mission Rules Reward
Nightmare RisingEnemy units are Nightmares with +2/+2 and no influence requirements. You start the game with one of each influence and 5 Maximum Power.Eremot's Designs
The Time of Heroes


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