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Promos, are promotional quests that reward brand new promotional cards and predominantly happen in-between card set releases to freshen the meta during stale periods. The quests involves winning a PvP match to receive one copy of all the current promo's cards each day of the promotion to a maximum of 4 copies each. Starting in April 2018, a Hero card has accompanied each monthly Chapter.


Promotional cards follow the traditional card crafting and destruction rules after the promotional period ends, they can be crafted by going into your collections with the unowned and promo categories selected.

Normal versions of promotional cards cost 600 shiftstone to craft and award 100 upon destruction, while premium versions cost 2,400 shiftstone to create and award 400 when destroyed.


Note: For more recent promos, see the Chapters article.

# Start End Promotion Name Rewards
1 December, 2016 January, 2017 Wump, Party Starter Wump, Party Starter
2 January, 2017 February, 2017 Vara’s Journey Find the Way, Throne Warden, Fevered Scout, Borderlands Waykeeper, Xenan Cultist
3 March, 2017 April, 2017 Azindel’s Ways Azindel, the Wayfinder, Rilgon, Hooru Operative, Arcanum Monitor
4 May, 2017 May, 2017 Distant Lands Alpine Tracker, Oathbreaker
5 September, 2017 September, 2017 Kosul Brigade Kosul Brigade
6 October, 2017 October, 2017 Colony Matron Colony Matron
7 November, 2017 December, 2017 Tesya, Omen Shaper Tesya, Omen Shaper
8 February, 2018 February, 2018 Bloodscent Avisaur Bloodscent Avisaur
9 March, 2018 March, 2018 Dizo, Cabal Chairman Dizo, Cabal Chairman
10 April, 2018 April, 2018 Brenn, Chronicler of Ages Brenn, Chronicler of Ages
11 May, 2018 May, 2018 Svetya, Orene of Kosul Svetya, Orene of Kosul
12 June, 2018 June, 2018 Lieutenant Relia Lieutenant Relia
13 July, 2018 July, 2018 Wyatt, Junk Collector Wyatt, Junk Collector
14 August, 2018 August, 2018 Genetrix Irel IV Genetrix Irel IV
15 September, 2018 September, 2018 Tamarys, the Geomancer Tamarys, the Geomancer
16 October, 2018 October, 2018 Caiphus, Wandering King Caiphus, Wandering King
17 November, 2018 November, 2018 Yushkov, the Usurper Yushkov, the Usurper
18 December, 2018 January, 2019 Justa, Regglar Jotun Justa, Regglar Jotun
19 January, 2019 January, 2019 Star-Reader Severin Star-Reader Severin
20 February, 2019 February, 2019 Milos, Unwavering Idealist Milos, Unwavering Idealist
21 March, 2019 March, 2019 Cursed Prophet Deleph Cursed Prophet Deleph
22 April, 2019 April, 2019 Mokhnati, Restored Mokhnati, Restored
23 May, 2019 May, 2019 Jishu, the Burning Brush Jishu, the Burning Brush
24 June, 2019 June, 2019 Albon Roa, of the Order Albon Roa, of the Order
25 July, 2019 July, 2019 Oizio, Adaptive Spy Oizio, Adaptive Spy
26 August, 2019 August, 2019 Garden of Omens Garden of Omens
27 September, 2019 September, 2019 Verro, Banished Inquisitor Verro, Banished Inquisitor
28 October, 2019 October, 2019 Dracowitch Razca Dracowitch Razca
29 November, 2019 November, 2019 Yorja, The Tale Keeper Yorja, The Tale Keeper
30 December, 2019 December, 2019 The Merriest Mandrake The Merriest Mandrake