Recruit A Friend interface

The Recruit A Friend interface.

The referral system is used to invite new players to Eternal, with in-game rewards for both the recruiter and recruits.

Using the Referral System Edit

Recruit A Friend icon

The Invite Friends button, under the friends menu.

Recruit a player by either sending a recruitment email or sharing a link, through the in-game interface. Invited players can then register a new account as a recruit.

The referral system's Recruit A Friend interface can be found in-game through the Invite Friends button in the friends menu. Recruitment emails can be sent directly with customized email text. You can copy your recruitment URL link to your clipboard by clicking the Copy Link button, located at the bottom left of the page.

Your email or link will take the invited player to an account registration page. They will be added to your list of friends after they log in. Once they finish the last of the three tutorial campaigns they and their recruiter receive their rewards.

Rewards Edit

Recruiter Rewards Edit

Recruiters earn rewards when a recruit finishes the entire tutorial. Rewards are earned for up to 10 recruits.

Recruited Players Reward
1 Start the Party! Preconstructed Deck
2 3x The Empty Throne Packs
3 Exclusive Wump Avatar
4 4x Premium Seek Power
5 1x Draft Ticket
6 4x Premium Diplomatic Seal
7 3x The Empty Throne Packs
8 Exclusive Nictotraxian Avatar
9 4x Premium Stand Together
10 1x Draft Ticket

Recruit Rewards Edit

Recruits gain the Servants of Spire Preconstructed Deck and its cards after completing the last tutorial mission. Each recruited player can only earn this reward once.

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