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Reinforced Tower Shield is a Relic Weapon card.

How to Get[]

Type Creation Destruction
Common Shiftstone icon 100 Shiftstone icon 2
Premium Shiftstone icon 800 Shiftstone icon 25

This card can also be obtained from Defiance Card Packs. Diamond Chests and Defiance Card Packs can give Premium versions of this card.


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Reinforced Tower Shield is part of the cycle of five single–faction cards from Defiance, which provide influence of other factions according to three-faction alliances supported in the set. Those cards are: Research Assistant, Be Gone, Barrel Through, Reinforced Tower Shield and Scavenge.


1.47.2c Renamed "Reinforced Tower Shield" (was "Reinforced Towershield").
1.42 Released in Defiance.