The first time this is killed, give it Destiny and put it into the top ten cards of your deck.

Revenge is a battle skill keyword. It was first introduced in Omens of the Past as the defining mechanical theme of the of the Argenport (Justice iconShadow icon) 2-faction alliance.

With the release of Argent Depths, Revenge was expanded into the Time icon Time and Primal icon Primal factions, although it is only found on Spells in these factions.

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Details Edit

Inquisitor Makto

Inquisitor Makto is the only card that keeps its Revenge. [1]

When a card with Revenge dies, it is put randomly into the top ten cards of its owner's deck. It gains Destiny, and permanently loses Revenge (the keyword is greyed out in the card's text). After this, the card's Revenge effect will no longer activate if it dies again (even it it's brought back from the void or replayed after its second death).

Spells lose Revenge and gain Destiny when they are successfully cast, and are put randomly into the top ten cards of their owner's deck.

If you redraw a card after its Revenge has triggered, because it now has Destiny it will be automatically played (for free) and draw you another card.

Strategy Edit

Play with cards that draw your units from the void, such as Dark Return and Display of Ambition. Using them on your Revenge units will trigger their Destiny effect, drawing more cards (including more triggered Revenge cards from your top ten cards). These synergies become a powerful recursion and card drawing engine.

Notes Edit

After Revenge is permanently lost, it will no longer count for cards that care about skills and battle skills.
Statuary Maiden

Statuary Maiden specifically counters Revenge.

Statuary Maiden stops enemy units' Revenge from triggering.

Revenge is also effectively stopped by giving units Voidbound, with cards such as In Cold Blood or Jekk, Lone Gun, or similarly locking them in the void with effects like Reality Warden's.

If a Revenge unit is killed while the opponent has Nametaker, its Revenge will activate first, putting the unit into its owner's deck. Then Nametaker's effect will activate, discarding the unit (and any other copies) to its owner's void.

After Omens of the Past, the only card released with Revenge was Watchwing Conscript in The Tale of Horus Traver. [1]


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