Rolant is the uncle of Caiphus, and one of the five Scions with claims to the Eternal Throne after Caiphus' mysterious death. Known as "The Iron Fist", Rolant is Lord Commander of the Crownwatch in Argenport, and oversaw the creation of the elite Valkyrie soldiers.

Caiphus' Death Edit

After his nephew's death, Rolant took on the role of guarding the Eternal Throne.

The Rebellion Edit

When faced with the rebellion, Rolant recruited allies from the Cabal. As this was not enough, he also conscripted students from the Combrei university. Despite his best efforts, the rebels managed to break through his defences in what became known as the First Battle of Argenport. During the First Battle of Argenport, Rolant fought against his old friend General Izalio. But after not being able to drive back the rebels, Rolant released a powerful spell that wiped out most of their army alongside a large part of Argenport. After unleashing this destructive magic, Rolant founded the inquisition to suppress the knowledge of what he had done. The story was covered up as being an act committed by the rebellion, which Rolant subdued to protect the city.

Imprisonment and Rumoured Death Edit

The cabal who had been recruited to defend Argenport secretly deposed Rolant of his position and the prosthetic arm he used. He spent his final days locked up in a cell under the Spire before Jekk pointed his gun on Rolant's head presumably assassinating him (the art of In Cold Blood was careful to not depict a blast of fire fired from Jekk's gun to confirm the death of Rolant, albeit the text in the card hinted to the rumour of the assassination of the beloved Tyrant Rolant, the Iron Fist that has since spread wildly in Argenport).


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