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Sangu, Pale Rider is a Hero unit card.

How to Get[]

Sangu, Pale Rider is noncollectible and can only be generated by effects.

Created By[]

The following cards create tokens of Sangu, Pale Rider (or transform cards into it):


Nothing here yet!


The original Pale Rider with Lifesteal.

Sangu, Pale Rider is one of four Pale Riders created by The Witching Hour. Their stats are identical, except each has a different battle skill. These cards are: Muertis, Pale Rider, Volan, Pale Rider, Occi, Pale Rider, and Sangu, Pale Rider.

The Pale Riders were all originally named "Pale Rider".

The Pale Rider premium Avatars

Pale Rider premium avatars were available in the store multiple times as Halloween promotions. They were first released in 2017 in conjunction with the Midnight Ride event,[1] then again with 2018's Carnival of Madness event.[2] The following year, they were re-released as part of the Witching Hour Collection bundle, which also included the earlier events' unique playmat skin as the game's first player-customizable playmat cosmetic item.[3]

History Now named "Sangu, Pale Rider" (was named "Pale Rider").
1.7.3 Released as a noncollectible token in The Empty Throne.


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