This page is for the old tutorial campaign.

Shades of Time was the second tutorial campaign. It was the second part in the Scions storyline, following The Fire Within and preceding Who Shall Rule?. With patch v1.35 (June 2018), the tutorial was re-designed, combining the three sections into The Empty Throne [1].

Finishing Shades of Time unlocked the basic Puzzles. It also completed the Vara and Talir starter quest and began Complete the Campaign at 3/5 progress.

Campaign Edit

The first half of Shades of Time introduces Vara and the Shadow faction, the second half introduces Talir and the Time faction. Players are given more freedom than they had in The Fire Within, without the forced prompts and drawing cards randomly from the campaign decks.

Beating missions unlocks new cards for the player's campaign decks, and are included in the theme decks rewarded on completion of the full campaign.

Vara's Story Edit

Mission Description Enemy Rewards
A Path Into Shadow Vara seeks her own way.
Predator and Prey The Shadowlands will rot yer insides and dry you out if you’re not careful; it’s a deadly place to wander without a guide. I can’t say where it was that she found Azindel, but there was much he had to teach. Ravenous Thornbeast
The Lost It’s an easy thing to lose your way in that forsaken place, and the Shadow can do strange things to ya. Explorers will test the edges from time to time, but the ones who push too far don’t always come out the same. Reliquary Raider
Midnight Riders No law reaches into the Shadowlands, and that suits some just fine. Gangs of slavers – and worse – keep a sharp eye for easy victims alone in the wastes. The bunch that found Vara got more than they bargained for. Warband Chieftain
Homecoming With her father’s death and the Eternal Throne sitting empty, Vara was wanted back in Argenport. Her uncle Rolant sent one of his best men to escort her home…whether she wanted to go or not. It seems Vara had other plans. Marshal Ironthorn
A Gift of Freedom Azindel helps Vara escape.

Talir's Story Edit

Mission Description Enemy Rewards
The Time of Mourning Talir struggles to understand her brother Caiphus' death.
Toil and Trouble Talir started her search among the witches of the Felnwood. There’s some bad magic happening under those trees, but Talir was never one to be squeamish about a curse or two. Withering Witch
Trial by Fire Some folk believe mages can read the future in flames. Talir knows better than most, and tracked down a rebel caster rumored to have the gift of prophecy. Rebel Illuminator
Elder Wisdom The Hooru see much more than they let on. But you gotta be careful when you seek ‘em out; from what I hear, they’re as like to feed ya to their owls as share the mysteries of the world. Talir needed to know more about the Strangers she’d encountered; she needed the owls’ wisdom. Hooru Envoy
Shadows and Ice After many long miles, Talir reached the mountain slopes where the Jotun shamans sing their visions. But some dark dream haunted the eldest giant’s mind, and he lashed out in fear and confusion. Jarrall Iceheart
Strange Omens Talir begins to understand the arrival of the Strangers.

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of each of Vara's and Talir's sections, players receive the cooresponding starter deck. Players will level up their Shadow and Time factions to Level 3 in the process.


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