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Shadow is the faction of ambition and vision; hidden paths lead to dangerous secrets.
Shadow Sigil

Shadow is one of the five basic Factions in Eternal. It is themed around sabotaging the enemy and interacting with the void.

Mechanics Edit

Stealing cards Edit

Shadow has various card-stealing effects, such as stealing units with Madness, drawing the opponents cards with Pilfer, and redirecting enemy spells with Corrupt.

Forcing discard Edit

Cards such as Shakedownand Sabotage disrupt the enemy's game plan by forcing them to discard from their hand. Others, like Dreamsnatcher and Solitude, have mill effects, discarding cards from the enemy deck and potentially winning through depleting the deck entirely.

Decreasing unit strength/health Edit

Shadow has spells and curses, such as Affliction and Devouring Shadow, which reduce the Icon atk and Icon hp of units.

Void Interactions Edit

Shadow has many ways to return units from the void, such as Dark Return and Soulbringer. Other cards like Xenan Cultist and Void Drummer can be combined with these to make the revived units more powerful.

Self damage Edit

Shadow has several cards that deal damage to you in exchange for a positive effect. Some examples are Jack's Knife and Fenris Nightshade.

Unblockable Edit

The Unblockable keyword is only found in units that include some Shadow influence. Units like Cabal Rogue and spells like Ghostform make use of this to get past enemy defenses.

Unit Types Edit

Faction Combinations Edit

Two-faction Alliances Edit

Three-faction Alliances Edit

Lore Edit

Scion Edit

Vara is the scion of Shadow. The only true-born daughter of Caiphus and Eilyn, she gave up the throne and went to the Shadowlands with Azindel after her father's death.

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