Shadow of the Spire is a purchasable bundle set, released May 4, 2020.[1] It introduced 23 unique collectible cards for normal play.

Heroes never die — not really. Even after they’ve fallen, their stories live on in the memories of those they inspired. In their dreams.
And, sometimes, in their nightmares…

Price Edit

Shadow of the Spire may be purchased from the in-game store through three bundles—the base bundle, and two levels of upgrades.

Avatar - Icaria, First Reaper

Icaria premium Avatar

Cardback - Set Bundle - Shadow of the Spire

Exclusive Shadow of the Spire cardback

The Shadow of the Spire Bundle costs Gold icon25,000 gold or Gems icon1000 gems (Gems icon1100 gems costs US$9.99 through the in-game store). It includes four non-premium copies of each of its 23 cards, and a unique Icaria premium avatar.

The Shadow of the Spire Premium Bundle costs Gems icon2000 gems. In addition to the base bundle's contents, it includes four premium copies of each card, and a unique premium cardback.

Playmat Skin - Argenport

Argenport premium Playmat Skin

The Shadow of the Spire Legendary Bundle costs US$44.99. In addition to the Premium bundle's contents, it includes:

Cards Edit

Shadow of the Spire's unique cards cannot be crafted, or destroyed for shiftstone. They are only available after purchasing the bundle. Unlike campaigns' mission-unlocked cards, these bundle cards are available for normal play immediately upon purchase.

Premium versions of each card may be crafted once unlocked, at the usual cost for its rarity, or purchased in the premium bundles.

Archmagister's ProphecyAuralian SupplierAuthoritarian Creation
Clocktower SentinelCounterfeiterDizo, Cabal Racketeer
Edge of UprisingIcaria, First ReaperJekk's Takedown
Jekk, Mercenary HunterLada, Svetya's AdvisorMother of Skies
Open ContractOrdnance ScavengerRolling Spikeback
Silverblade IntrusionSilverblade MenaceSpire Shadows
The Nightmare GatesTurn to SeedVorlunk Corps
Worldshaper's StaffWrath of Caiphus
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Spoiler Season Edit

Shadow of the Spire was announced two weeks before its release.[1]

Pre-order Bundles Edit

The Legendary Bundle was available for pre-order on April 29. Pre-ordering the bundle gave an additional Draft Ticket, and unlocked several cards for use in constructed play before the set's full release.

Preview Event Edit

A preview event was held the weekend before Shadow of the Spire's release. It featured six exclusive pre-constructed decks, each showcasing two cards from the new set.


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