Signal Flare is a Spell.

How to Get[edit | edit source]

Beat the relevant mission in Into Shadow.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Signal Flare works as a relevant choice for how much it regards low-cost damaging spells with added effects.

The most immediate comparison one can make is with Torch and Temper. Signal Flare is not a Fast Spell as them, but it deals 1 more damage than Temper. The greatest selling point of the card is its Scout effect, which allows to filter your next draw and reduce the possibilities of drawing badly.

When choosing between these 3 cards, one must understand that each one of them offers something specific. If Torch is the alternative for highest, fast damage while Temper the one for low fast damage with an added Warcry effect, Signal Flare is the medium slow damage that allows to filter your next draw. Outside of the Scout effect, Signal Flare is also closer, when compared to Torch, to work as a almost-efficient means to pop Aegis similarly to Temper.

When building your deck, remember that the card can work to kill important units with just 2 health, like Rakano Outlaw, Ripknife Assassin, Disassembler, Ice Sprite, Acquisitive Crow. However, since it is not a fast spell it can't be used against low health units brought back with Haunting Scream (Gorgon Fanatic, Direwood Beastcaller) or to stop Charge units the moment they're played, like Vicious Highwayman, Recurring Nightmare, Champion of Fury, Criva, the Crimson Scythe, Censari Brigand, Soulfire Drake. Most importantly, it lacks the capability of Torch to remove powerful threats with 3 health like Teacher of Humility, Valkyrie Enforcer, Argenport Instigator, Bulletshaper, Kothon, the Far-Watcher and Whirling Duo.

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