Skills are specific set of keyword abilities (bolded text referring to larger effects).

Skills are differentiated from other keywords in that they can appear on a unit with no other text. For example, a unit can have the Flying or Warp skills as stand-alone keywords, but cannot have Infiltrate or Stun without some additional context. Note that some skills can appear as stand-alone on spells (e.g. Lifesteal, Echo) while other cannot (e.g. Ambush, Berserk).

Like all keywords, hovering over cards with skills will display a box explaining what they do.

Battle Skills[edit | edit source]

Battle skills are skills that would have an effect if a Unit that has it is in play:

Protected from one enemy spell or effect (but not from battle damage).
When this attacks, you may give it Reckless to attack a second time this turn. Can only be used once.
Can attack the turn it is played.
Kills any unit it damages.
Permanently reduces the Icon atk.png and Icon hp.png/Icon armor.png of units and relic weapons it damages.
Double Damage:
Deals double damage.
Readies at the start and end of your turn, and can't be stunned or exhausted by enemy spells or effects.
When this unit dies, play a weapon with its Icon atk.png/Icon hp.png and other battle skills on one of your units.
Can only be blocked by other units with flying.
May be exhausted one time to attack any enemy unit.
When this deals damage, you gain that much Icon hp.png.
When this hits an enemy unit, leftover damage is dealt to the enemy player or site.
When this kills a blocking unit, the blocker doesn't deal damage back.
This must attack.
The first time a unit with Regen is dealt damage, prevent it.
The first time this is killed, give it Destiny and put it into the top ten cards or your deck.
Cannot be blocked.
This unit gets +1/+1 this turn for each unit that blocks it.
When this attacks, the top unit or weapon of your deck gets +1/+1.

Other Skills[edit | edit source]

These other skills are not battle skills, as their effects are relevant while not in play:

Can be played to block an enemy attack or at the end of their turn.
When played, you may exhaust another unit of the same type to reduce this card’s cost by the exhausted unit’s Icon atk.png.
Automatically play when drawn, then draw another card.
Get an additional copy when drawn.
When you play a unit with Imbue, you may stun one of your other units and keep it stunned. As long as it's stunned, this unit gets its Icon atk.png/Icon hp.png
On your first turn, a card with Pledge can be played as a Sigil.
This unit is played hidden. It is revealed when it deals or takes damage, is affected by an enemy effect, or has anything played directly on it.
This card can't leave the void.
You can play this from the top of your deck.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Skills are defined in the Eternal Rulebook [1] as "bolded terms with no additional text." However, there are some cards which use different sets of skills for their effects.

As of Argent Depths, there are only two cards that reference "skills" as opposed to "battle skills" - Divining Rod and Crown of Possibilities. Divining Rod refers to all of the skills listed on this page, while Crown of Possibilities will never give Pledge, Voidbound, Stealth, or Warp.

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