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Sower of Dissent is a unit card.

How to Get[]

Beat the first mission in Dead Reckoning, "The Battle of Argenport".


On Play: "They cannot break our spirit!"
Ally Quote: "Glad to have you on our side."


Sower of Dissent works as a powerful unit choice, mostly for Warcry decks that focus less on rushing down the opponent and more on winning in the mid game.

By itself, Sower of Dissent it is a good blocker: 2/4 for 3 power allows it to stop most 3-cost unit while still posing a serious threat against most aggro decks. At the same time, it is one of the 4 units in the game with Warcry 2 (the others being Rakano Flagbearer, Kyojun, Grand Shugo and Silverwing Commander). When compared to the others, Sower of DIssent has the advantage of being the cheapest unit together with Rakano Flagbearer, with the added bonus that it has better stats than the latter, which it pays for with the Warcry 2 being locked behind a Valkyrie Ally requirement.

Its main selling point is however its effect: all instances of Warcry have the additional bonus of reducing the buffed unit/weapon cost, allowing to gain a huge tempo advantage. From one side, any card with Warcry, like Sword of Icaria and Rakano Outlaw, generate way more value than before. From the other, it can help against cards that prey on high-costed ones, like Slow, Valkyrie Justiciar and Eilyn's Choice.

The downsides that the card may provide as well are mostly tied with deckbuilding matters. As already said, while a Rakano unit, its stats distribution do not make it an efficient aggro unit but more of a midrange-control blocker that must still be paired with Warcry effects to get the most of it. Additionally, it requires to be specifically paired with Valkyries to access its Warcry 2. For how much it regards gameplay, the cost reduction can work as a hindrance when against cards that take that factor into matter in other ways, like Banish, Equivocate, Poaching Drake, Regression and Unstable Form.

Usually the card is played in Rakano Valkyrie decks. Because it can interact with certain cards, it can also fit other archetypes as well:

  • Song of War, if used when you have quite a board, is enough to discount most cards in a deck to 0 with a single swing
  • since the cost reduction is comulative as with the Warcry buffs, the already-mentioned Warcry 2 units will discount the next card by 2 whenever they attack
  • Hammer of Might will instead discount the next card by 3, but only for a single turn
  • since Navani, Warsinger's Warcry affects ALL units and weapons in the deck, it will also reduce all of their cost as well
  • being the only unit with Warcry 5, Icaria, the Liberator is also the only unit that can discount cards by 5 each time it attacks



1.29 Released in Dead Reckoning.


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