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m (removing hover content wrapper, template type fix didn't work)
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<!-- Note: The ".hidden" css class is used to hide the hover content on mobile. This may only be a band-aid fix and will need to be revisited, if/when Fandom removes this functionality as it plans to do.
Trying to make the text link appear correctly while hiding the card image on the mobile skin.
--><includeonly><span class="hoverLink cdHover">[[{{{link|{{{1}}}}}}|{{#switch:{{{text|{{{2|}}}}}}
Currently, adding the "hidden" class seems to work. However, I've been warned that this is a band-aid fix as Fandom plans on removing this functionality eventually.
--><span class="hoverCard hidden {{#ifeq: {{{top}}}|true|hc-top|}}">[[File:{{#ifeq:{{{image|}}}|alt|{{{1}}} (alt).png|{{{image|{{{1}}}}}}.png}}|190px|link=]]</span></span></includeonly><noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude>
--><span class="hoverLink cdHover">[[{{{link|{{{1}}}}}}|{{{text|{{{1}}}}}}]]<!--
--><span class="hoverCard hidden {{#ifeq: {{{top|}}}|true|hc-top|}}">[[File:{{{image|{{{1}}}}}}.png|190px|link=]]</span></span>